A Capsule of the board of Education's Deliberations and Actions

Regular Board meeting

April 18, 2005

(Unofficial Summary Subject to Change)

At the Regular Board Meeting of the Board of Education on April 18, 2005, Dr. Joseph Mickley presented the CIU20 2005-06 budget.  William Falstich and Lydia Hanner presented the District Mission and Belief Statements.  Denise Rader presented the Good News report, Mark Thompson presented the architect report, Mrs. Kemp presented the Policy Committee report, Mrs. Skrapits presented the Facilities Committee report, Mr. Politi presented the NCC report, Ms. Wolfel presented the BAVTS report, and Kurt Paccio presented the Technology Steering Committee report.   

The Board approved the following:

                                                                     Estimated Cost

        Asbestos Inspection/Testing                    $ 4,540.00

        Lead Based Paint Inspection/Testing        $ 3,800.00

        Radon Testing                                         $ 3,210.00