Northampton Area School District


A Capsule of the Board of Education's Deliberations and Actions

Regular Board Meeting

July 17, 2006

(Unofficial Summary Subject to Revision)

At the regular meeting of the Board of Education, Silvia Hoffman, MKSD, presented an update on the George Wolf and Wolf Elementary School addition/renovation projects.  Chris Haller, D’Huy Engineering, presented an update on the High School project.  Mrs. Erdo presented the CIU20 report and Mrs. Rundle presented the Policy Committee report.    

The Board approved the following:

          Name                         From                           To                               Type of Transfer

          Nicole Duncan            Gr. 2 - Borough             Gr. 3 - Borough             Voluntary

          Mary Persichetti          P/T Speech - District     F/T Speech - District    Voluntary

          Erin Dalton                  Gr. 2 - Moore                Gr. 1 - Moore               Voluntary

          Margaret Billheimer      Spanish - HS                Reading Spec. - HS      Voluntary 

          Name                     From                            To                                 

          Georgette Smith      Hall Monitor - HS          Study Hall IA - HS

          Mary Ellen Zastko   NovaNET IA - HS        Special Ed IA - HS       

         #2 Fuel Oil (Tank Transport) @ $2.3225  per gallon.

         #2 Fuel Oil (Consumer Tank) @ $2.4875  per gallon.

         #87 Unleaded Gasoline @ $2.575 per gallon.

         Low-Sulphur Diesel (Tank Transport) @ $2.5725 per gallon.

         Blended LS Diesel (Tank Transport) @ $2.6525 per gallon.

         Low-Sulphur Diesel (Consumer Tank) @ $2.7425 per gallon.

         Blended LS Diesel (Consumer Tank) @ $2.8225 per gallon.

    L4-8-4G,     Northampton Area School District     2006     $21,718.68        Tax exempt entity