Northampton Area School District


A Capsule of the Board of Education's Deliberations and Actions

Regular Board Meeting

September 18, 2006

(Unofficial Summary Subject to Revision)

At a Special meeting of the Board of Education on September 11, 2006, the Board approved the following:

At the regular meeting of the Board of Education on September 18, 2006, Mr. Conner and Mr. Kovalchik presented an overview of Middle School Teaching Teams.  Jamie Doyle, PFM, presented information regarding the Internet sale to partially refund the 2003 Series in the amount of $10,000,000.  Mr. Haller presented the engineer report for the High School project.  Mrs. Erdo presented the Legislative and CIU20 reports.  Dr. Firestone presented the Policy Committee report.  Mr. Politi presented the NCC report.  Brittney Hein presented the Student Council report.  

The Board approved the following:

High School                                  Middle School               George Wolf

Cyndi (Taylor) Dolan                       Brian Miller                   Trisha Remaley

Beth Donnelly                                                                    

Michelle (Hamm) Newton               Moore                          Lehigh

Lisa Hohenshilt                             Janice Gober                 Alison Sugra    

Stephen Rupp                                                                     

Gregory Schwartz                           Borough

Leanne (Tatasciore) Gaughran         Christopher Krachie                             

Robert Tugend

Shannon Tyburczy

Anne-Sophie Tzanetatos