Northampton Area School District


A Capsule of the Board of Education's Deliberations and Actions

Regular Board Meeting

October 16, 2006

(Unofficial Summary Subject to Revision)

At the regular meeting of the Board of Education on the above date, Mr. Dan Rempp and Mrs. April Krempasky, along with three students, presented a report on the GAPP program and the students’ visit to Germany this past summer.  Mrs. Erdo presented the Legislative and CIU20 reports.  Mr. Gogel presented the Facilities Committee report.  Mrs. Rundle presented the Policy Committee and Safe School Task Force reports.  Mrs. Skrapits presented the Technology Committee report.    

The Board approved the following:

Wolf Elementary School - Service To           High School - Service to Elevator:

Elevator and Two Wheel Chair Lifts:

Year 1 = $1,513.20                                      Year 1 = $756.60

Year 2 = $1,573.73                                      Year 2 = $786.86

Year 3 = $1,636.68                                      Year 3 = $818.34

Year 4 = $1,702.14                                      Year 4 = $851.07

Year 5 = $1,770.23                                      Year 5 = $885.11

-     AS-02 in the amount of  $2,688.00 for removal of approximately 30 linear feet of thermal pipe insulation in the lower level electrical room

-     AS-03 in the amount of  $2,942.00 for removal of approximately 25 linear feet of exterior transite (upper & lower levels) at rear of Hallway B, outside of room #130

          - Owner: Edward & Tamissa Seier     J3-SE3-2-9     Mangrove Drive