northampton area school district



A Capsule of the board of education’s deliberations and actions

Regular board meeting

JUNE 25, 2012

(Unofficial Summary Subject to Revision)



At the regular meeting of the Board of Education, the Board approved the following:


·        Updated job descriptions for the following positions:  Maintenance Supervisor, Transportation Supervisor, and Director of Operations, effective July 1, 2012.

·        Matthew Raysely to continue as a temporary employee of the Department with an hourly rate of $22.16 per hour (90% of the position rate of $24.62) from April 2, 2012 – June 30, 2012, and $23.63 per hour (95% of the position rate of $24.87) with benefits, as per the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

·        Voluntary transfer of Krista Green, High School English Teacher, to Academic Literacy Coach funded by the Keystones To Opportunity Grant – One Year Assignment, effective August 27, 2012, until the last teacher day of the 2012-2013 school year.

·        Julie Benner, One-to-One Special Education Instructional Assistant at the Middle School, effective August 27, 2012.  Her rate of pay will be $10.63 per hour, with   benefits, in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement between NASD and ESPA.

·        Memorandum of Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding between the Northampton Area School District and the Northampton Area Educators Association effective September 1, 2012, through August 31, 2016.

·        1)  Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Performing Arts 2010-2011 Annual Charter School Report, and 2) Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Performing Arts application for charter school renewal in June 2012 through June 2017.

·        Textbook Adoptions for the 2012-2013 School Year for a total cost of $92,534.09.  All textbook costs are included in the 2012-2013 curriculum budget.

·        PDE approval for the following submittals for the New Middle School Project:  PlanCon Part A: Project Justification-Project #3687, PlanCon Part B: Schematic Design-Project #3687, and PlanCon Part C: Site Acquisition-Project #PS133.

·           1.  Authorize the Architect’s fee of $46,600 (FORTY SIX THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS) to incorporate the following which is 

         required as part of the design.  A.         Incorporating the staging area from the adjacent Keeney property.  B.            Upgrading the existing

         sewer pump station, system design, and permitting.   C.     Incorporating the basketball court design on the Borough property.

  2.  Authorize the Design fee of $18,180 (EIGHTEEN THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY DOLLARS) to design the power service for

  the High School and Middle School.

  3.  Authorize the Architect’s fee of $46,800 (FORTY SIX THOUSAND EIGHT  HUNDRED DOLLARS) to design the turf and all-weather

  running track as an alternate bid.

 4.  Authorize the Architect’s fee of $16,800 (SIXTEEN THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS) for the design of the softball field work

  as an alternate bid.

·        The 2012-13 Final general Fund Budget with revenues of $86,819,670 and expenditures of $86,819,670.  This budget is supported by an increase of .90 mills and the following tax levy:

                  Act 511 Local Tax Enabling Act:

                              Per Capita Tax                         $5.00

                              Real Estate Transfer Tax           0.5%

                              Earned Income Tax                  0.7%

                  Section 670 Pennsylvania School Code:

                              Per Capita Tax                         $5.00

                              Real Estate Tax                        46.65 mills

·        Bills for Payment.

·        Sixty-month leases with Fraser Advanced Information Systems to replace copiers in the District:

                              Lehigh Elem. – Office                           Sharp Model MX-3610N        $177.00/mo.

                              Lehigh Elem. – Teacher Area                Sharp Model MX-950N          $389.00/mo.

·        Resolution for the Revised Trust Agreement of the Employee Benefit Trust of Eastern Pennsylvania.

·        Insurances for the 2012-2013 fiscal year:

            Property and Casualty                                Utica National                                      $ 116,623

Boiler and Machinery                                 Utica National                                      $     4,886

Automobile                                                Utica National                                      $   25,122

Umbrella Liability                                       Old Republic Insurance Co                   $   20,604

School Leaders Errors & Omissions           Old Republic Insurance Co.                  $   34,842

Workers’ Compensation                            Amerihealth (Companion)                     $ 208,760                            

Fiduciary Liability                                       Chubb-Federal Insurance Co.               $     1,680       

Student Accident                                        Monumental Life Ins. Co.                     $   25,600

Voluntary School Time (parent paid)                                                                       $          27

Voluntary 24 hour               “                                                                                   $        103

Voluntary dental                 “                                                                                   $          20

·        Treasurer’s Report.

·        Stipulation of Counsel for signature by solicitor of the settlement of an assessment appeal filed by Imperial Realty Property Group, LLC, in the Court of Common Pleas of Northampton County, docketed at case number C-48-CV-2009-12972 for tax years 2010 and 2011.

·        Attendance of Joseph Kovalchik at the Lehigh University School Study Council 2012 Study Tour to the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from September 25, 2012, through September 28, 2012, at an approximate cost of $750.00.

·        The 2012 Homestead and Farmstead real estate tax reduction amount at $108.40 with a 2012 Homestead and Farmstead real estate assessed value reduction at $2,323.00.

·        Sharon Skrapits as Northampton Area Public Library Trustee for the term of January 2012 to December 2014 at the recommendation of the NAPL Board of Trustees.