Northampton Area School District




A Capsule of the Board of Education's Deliberations and Actions


School Board Meeting


November 5, 2007


(Unofficial Summary Subject to Revision)


At the regular meeting of the Board of Education, Dr. Scott presented the Northampton Community College 2008-09 Budget Proposal.  Christopher Hoenscheid presented the Thomas Paine Charter School proposal.  Henry Guarriello, DíHuy Engineering, presented an update on the three construction projects.  Jane Erdo presented the Legislative and CIU20 reports.  Nick Polity presented the NCC report.  Shelby Smith, Student Council Board representative, presented an update on Student Council activities.    


The Board approved the following:


      Additions and deletions to the Substitute List.

      Extension of an unpaid childrearing leave for Erin Dalton, Grade 1 Teacher at Moore Elementary School, through December 21, 2007.  Ms. Dalton will return to her position on January 2, 2008.

      Extension of an unpaid childrearing leave for Jennifer Haley, Kindergarten Teacher at Moore Elementary School, through March 31, 2008.  Ms. Haley will return to her position on April 1, 2008.

      Unpaid childrearing leave for Nicole Duncan, Grade 3 Teacher at Siegfried Elementary School, for the period of April 10, 2008 - PM, through May 23, 2008.

      Resignation of Barbara Wirth from the position of Custodian at the High School, effective October 17, 2007.

      Additions to the District Volunteer master list for the 2007-08 school year: Jacqueline Cochrane - Borough, Karen Euculano - Borough, Vincent Gonsalves - George Wolf, Veronica Lefurgy - Borough, Tammy Orendach - Lehigh, Jennifer Reuber - George Wolf, and Jeanne Stannard - George Wolf.

      Attendance of Stacy Gober, Donna Teklits, and Rose Roberts at the annual PASBO Conference in Hershey, PA, on March 4-7, 2008, at an approximate cost of $2,316.72.

      Attendance of Ray Snyder and Dave Jones, Technology Technicians, at Apple technical training in Folsom, PA, from November 19-21, 2007, at a cost of $3,176.40.

      Position of Kindergarten Instructional Assistant at George Wolf Elementary School for the remainder of the 2007-2008 school year.

      Christopher Dyer as a TPE Business Education Teacher at the High School, effective November 27, 2007.  Salary will be $41,703.00, pro-rated with benefits, based on a BA degree and Step 2, Year 2 of the current salary schedule.   

      Kelly Bogoly as the District Administration Receptionist, effective November 20, 2007.  Continued employment is contingent upon receipt of acceptable Acts 34, 151 and 114 FBI clearances.  Salary will be $12.80 per hour, 80% of the current hourly rate, in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement, with benefits.   

      Gail DeRea and Karen Grube as Advisors of the Elementary Environmental Club at Moore Elementary School.  Each will receive 50% of the annual stipend of $669.00, equaling $334.50, for the 2007-2008 school year.

      Voluntary transfer of Lisa Paulus from Reading Instructional Assistant at George Wolf Elementary School to Tax Office Clerk in District Administration, effective November 6, 2007, or as soon as possible once her replacement at George Wolf Elementary School is secured.  Salary will be $12.80 per hour, 80% of the position rate, with benefits in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement.

      Voluntary transfer of Amy Berrios from Hall Monitor at the High School to Special Education Instructional Assistant at Moore Elementary School, effective November 6, 2007Salary will be $9.00 per hour, 80% of the current hourly rate, in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement, with benefits.   

      Attendance of Curt Dimmick, High School Assistant Principal, at the National Symposium - Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools, December 6-8, 2007, in Washington, D.C. at no cost to the district.

      Attendance of Silke Keeler, Network Administrator, and Jayne Hartzog, Instructional Technology Specialist, at the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo & Conference in Hershey, PA, on February 10-12, 2008, at an approximate cost of $1,473.00.

      Attendance/participation of Jeff Lantzer, Band Director, Emily Reinsmith, Choral Director, and Ryan Mertz, Orchestra Director, and approximately 175 students at the Windy City Classic Music Festival in Lombard, IL, from April 23 through April 27, 2008.  Total cost to district will be $900.00.

      Ryan Mertz, Orchestra Director, to accompany seven high school students to the PMEA District 10 Orchestra Auditions at Parkland High School on December 1, 2007.  The approximate cost to the district is $35.00.

      Fall Roster of Community Education Instructors for the 2007-08 school year.

      Robin Zamadics, Special Education Teacher at Moore Elementary School, as the mentor for Corissa Craig for the 2007-08 school year at a stipend of $1,137.00 (prorated), effective October 16, 2007.

      Ratification of the following change orders for Sargent Enterprises, Inc. at the HS project:

- AS-04 in the amount of $18,186.78 for removal of exterior transite

- AS-05 in the amount of $5,120.00 for removal of 800 sq. ft. of ACM floor tile, mastic and ceiling tiles from room #111

- AS-06 in the amount of $18,809.00 for removal of 189 ACM pipe fittings

- AS-07 in the amount of $9,782.00 for eight partial and one full mobilization between November 2006 and June 2007

- AS-08 in the amount of $3,751.50 for removal of 246 sq. ft. of transite panels and removal of 1,230 sq. ft. of mastic in Room #114

      Acceptance of the approval of the 2005-06 Single Audit Report from the PA Department of Education, which shows the districtís report has been approved as being substantially in compliance with Office of Management and Budget Circular A-133 and other relevant federal and Commonwealth policy.

      Annual Maintenance Agreement with Pitney Bowes for the Postage Machine and Scale at the District Office at a cost of $998.00, for the period December 1, 2007 - November 30, 2008.

      Bills for Payment.

      Adoption of the resolution relating to Act 1 certifying that the Board shall not increase any tax at a rate that exceeds the index as calculated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for the 2008-09 fiscal year.

      2007-08 Budget Transfers.

      Catalog Fixed Discount Program as awarded by the IU20 Joint Purchasing Board for the period January 1, 2008, through December 31, 2008.

      Fifty-eight (58) month lease with Xerox as an amendment to the current copier lease agreement for George Wolf Elementary School on Model WCP232H to upgrade the scanning and fax features at an additional cost of $52.45/month.

      Service contract with Centennial School to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the Districtís special education program at a maximum cost of $14,630.00 plus expenses.

      Settlement agreement for a special education student at an approximate maximum cost of $15,200.00 for the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 school years.

      Tax Exonerations.

      Northampton Area School Districtís School Emergency Operations Plan.