Northampton Area School District




A Capsule of the Board of Education's Deliberations and Actions


Regular Board Meeting


May 5, 2008


(Unofficial Summary Subject to Revision)


At the regular meeting of the Board of Education, Barbara Carrington reported on Better Speech and Hearing Month.  William Falstich recognized retirees.  Kim LaBrake, MKSD Architects, presented the architect report.  Ms. Erdo presented the Legislative and CIU20 reports.  Mr. Gogel presented the Facilities Committee report.  Mr. Politi presented the NCC report.  Andrea Figura presented an update on Student Council activities.


The Board approved the following:


·      Professional staff transfers effective with the 2008-09 school year.

·      Unpaid leave for Karin Albert, Instructional Assistant at Siegfried Elementary School, effective May 3, 2008, and May 5, 2008.

·      Additions and deletions to the Substitute List.

·      Dr. Cressman to accompany student James Nong to the National FBLA competition in Atlanta, GA, on June 24-30, 2008 at an approximate cost to the district of $2,601.50.

·      Gene Thrash and Dan Rempp, Outdoor Club Advisors, to attend an overnight camping trip with 30 students from the Outdoor Club held at Bald Eagle State Forest in Union County, PA, on May 23-26, 2008, at no cost to the district.

·      List of summer school instructors and their reimbursement based on the current Supplemental Reimbursement for Extra Services - Curriculum and Instruction.  Effective date of the program will be from June 20, 2008, through August 1, 2008.

·      List of Student Summer Help and alternates, along with their compensation rate of $7.15 per hour, from June 9, 2008, through August 22, 2008.  The listing denotes those students who are pending receipt of acceptable clearances.

·      Attendance of Paul Marcinkowski, Athletic Trainer, at the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Meeting and Clinical Symposium in St. Louis, Missouri, on June 17 - 20, 2008, at a cost to the district of $815.85 for registration, lodging, meals and transportation.

·      Revisions to the following policies: 202 - Eligibility of Non-Resident Students, 707 - Use of Buildings, Facilities, and Equipment (Attachment A), and 916 - School Volunteers.  Adoption of the following policies: 202.1 - Eligibility of a Resident Student Living with an Adult Other Than the Natural Parent, and 823 - Compliance with Employment Eligibility Clearances.  Deletion of the following policies: 4:08 - Guidelines for Implementing Act 34 of 1985 (found as PSBA Policy 823), and 5:23 - Guidelines for Implementing Act 151 of 1994 (found as PSBA Policy 824).  All revisions, adoptions, and deletions of policies to be effective July 1, 2008.

·      New The Western Heritage Since 1300 Pearson/Prentice Hall textbook.  Each student textbook costs $74.97 for a total cost of $3,748.50.

·      Plumbing change order for Worth and Company as part of the High School Project:

PC-09 - $473.44 - Remove the existing EWC in Corridor 103, disconnect/cap all associated piping (above the new finished ceiling and below the finished floor) as required per ATP PC-2 and PCO PC-20.

·      General construction change orders for Boro Construction as part of the HS Renovation/Additions project:

GC-45 - $   919.25 - Provide and install new ACT in Journalism E200 per RFP GC-192R1

GC-46 - $3,093.34 - Provide an exhaust fan for the previously installed chemical storage cabinet (to be installed by the MC) per RFP GC-207

GC-47 - $9,752.06 - Provide all labor and materials required to repair the existing canopy (at the new boiler room) per RFP GC-221R1

GC-48 - $1,513.13 - Add accent paint in Auxiliary Gym per Owners request and per RFP GC-227

GC-49 - $4,986.88 - Existing soffit repairs at the main entrance per RFP GC-228

GC-50 - $1,888.55 - Provide and install new ACT systems in E139 and E140 per RFP GC-229  

GC-51 - $9,341.17 - Provide all labor and materials required to repair the existing canopy (in the new courtyard) per FRP GC-230

GC-52 - $3,677.67 - Install a one-hour shaft wall at duct chase in E161 and E225 per the RPE’s authorization to proceed dated 8/02/07

GC-54 - $4,049.40 - Provide and install new GWB pier covers at the entrances to the Guidance and Administration areas

GC-55 - $4,429.42 - Revise door hardware on Men’s Faculty Toilet E145, Women’s Faculty Toilet E146, Men’s Toilet N114, Women’s Toilet E161, Unisex Faculty Toilet E103a, Women’s Toilet E225 and E102a per RFP GC-86

·      General construction change order for Perrotto Builders as part of the Siegfried Elementary School Project:  

GC-02 - $27,493.14 - Remove and replace the existing roofs above the front entrance and the library per Owner’s  request and per CCPR-58

·      Acceptance of the approval of PlanCon Part I: Interim Reporting #7 for the High School Renovation/ Additions Project No. 3179.

·      General construction change orders, as approved by PDE, for Boro Construction on the High School project:

GC-41- $24,008.05 - Provide and install a metal panel siding system to the existing exterior wall surfaces above new boiler room E144 per RFP GC-128

GC-42 - $14,223.27 - Repair and seal auditorium floor

·      Authorization for the administration to submit PlanCon Part I: Interim Reporting - Submittal No. 8 for the High School Renovation/Addition Project No. 3179.

·      Bids for Paper and Janitorial Supplies, Bid No. NMPCJPB-DP/JS-2008-2009, in the amount of $80,789.30, as awarded by the Northampton/Monroe/Pike County Joint Purchasing Board.

·      Bills for Payment.

·      Adoption of the 2008-09 Preliminary General Fund Budget with revenues of $78,241,544 and expenditures of $78,241,544.  This budget is supported by an increase of 1.41 mills which is under the allowable Act 1 index.

·      2007-08 Budget Transfers.

·      Contract with Dr. James F. Frommer of Family Care Associates of Bethlehem, P.C. to administer new PIAA Comprehensive Initial Pre-Participation Physical Evaluations for the 2008/2009 school year at Northampton Area School District.

·      Authorization for the Board President to sign and the Board Secretary to attest a Quitclaim Deed from Northampton Area School District to Borough of Northampton for the purpose of remising, releasing and quitclaiming property known as 1601 Canal Street, Northampton, Pa, Northampton County Tax Parcel Number M4NW1B514.

·      Special Education Contract with IU20 for mental health services for the remainder of the 2007-2008 school year at a maximum cost of $3,360.00.

·      Formation of the Creative Writing Club which will meet under the direction of Mrs. Andrea Wasilko, at no expense to the district.