northampton area school district



Text Box: A Capsule of the Board of Educationís Deliberations and Actions
Regular Board Meeting 
February 28, 2011
(Unofficial Summary Subject to Revision)








 At the regular meeting of the Board of Education, the Board approved the following:


         Participation of Miss Lauren Anderson and Miss Kimberly Levin to accompany our HS students to Quebec on June 23-26, 2011.  There will be no cost to the district.

         Resignation of Jenna McNees, After Prom Committee Co-Advisor, effective February 16, 2011.

         Verbal resignation of Kylee Notaro, Assistant Girls Soccer Coach, effective February 15, 2011.

         Resignation of Gretchen Troxell, Special Education Department Coordinator 7-12 at the Northampton Area High School, effective March 31, 2011.  The final stipend to be paid on March 31, 2011, will be a maximum of $1,017.08.  This stipend is being paid with federal IDEA stimulus monies.

         The following addition to the District Volunteer master listing for the 2010-2011 school year:

NAME                                                            SCHOOL

                                    Janette Adams                                                Band

         Treasurerís Report.

         Tax Exonerations.

         Adopt the 2011-12 Proposed General Fund/Athletic Fund/&Food Services Budget with the total revenues and expenditures listed below and authorize administration to advertise and make the Proposed Budget available for inspection to the public:

            General Fund              $84,086,763.00

             Athletic Fund              $     185,404.00

             Food Services Fund    $  2,344,855.00

         Bills for Payment.

         Expulsion Hearing Waiver for High School student number 2010-17.

         Expulsion Hearing Waiver for High School student number 2010-18.

         Expulsion Hearing Waiver for High School student number 2010-20.