northampton area school district



A Capsule of the board of educationís deliberations and actions

Regular board meeting

September 14, 2015

(Unofficial Summary Subject to Revision)



At the regular meeting of the Board of Education, the Board approved the following:

Christopher Glovas

Custodian - 2nd Shift M-F

Siegfried       Elementary        to

Custodian - 2nd Shift M-F

George Wolf Elementary



Doris Miller

Custodian - 3rd Shift M-F

Middle School   to

Custodian - 2nd Shift M-F

Siegfried Elementary



Anthony Frantz



Custodian - Day Shift M-F



Washington's    to Crossing



Custodian - Day Shift M-F



Middle School &


            Approve the transfer of the following individual, retroactive to September 8, 2015:


Eric Bauer

Custodian - 2nd Shift T-Sat

Siegfried            to Elementary

Maintenance II


                         Bachelorís Degree - $45.69 per hour           Masterís Degree - $50.15 per hour