northampton area school district



A Capsule of the board of educationís deliberations and actions

Regular board meeting

NOVEMBER 7, 2011

(Unofficial Summary Subject to Revision)



At the regular meeting of the Board of Education, the Board approved the following:


        The following additions to the District Volunteer master listing for the 2011-2012 school year:

                  Name                                                   School

                  Charisse Fedio                                     George Wolf

                  Lisa King                                              George Wolf

                  Suzanne Makary                                   George Wolf

                  Melissa Wright                         George Wolf

        Resignation of Beverly Yankowy as Tax Office Supervisor as of December 31, 2011.

        Re-assignment of Mary Winchester, one-to-one Instructional Assistant, from the High School to the Middle School, effective November 4, 2011.

        Additions and deletions to the Substitute List.

        Employment Agreement between Northampton Area School District and Beverly Yankowy as Benefits Specialist, effective December 31, 2011, at a total annual salary of $41,130.00, pro-rated, with benefits.

        Tim Carpency, Spring Musical Instrumental Advisor for the 2011-2012 school year, with a stipend of $2,330.00.

        Agreement between the District and the Northampton Area Educators Association for the purpose of clarifying language contained within the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

        Roster of instructors for the Community Education Program for the 2011-2012 school year.

        DíHuy Engineering to:

   1)  Complete a Feasibility Study of the existing High School/Middle School campus with the inclusion of

            the Vocational School Property for a fee of $18,500.00. 

   2)  Complete the District-wide Facility Study that is required by the Pennsylvania Department of

            Education (PDE) for a fee of $6,000.00. 

   3)  Obtain three proposals for updating the secondary campus site survey and authorize the Administration

                  to evaluate and approve the most competitive proposal to meet the needs of the District.

        Donation of a drum set from Mr. Theodore Bowers.  The approximate value of the donation is $600.00.

        Annual service agreement with AssetWorks, Inc., for database application service, support and maintenance at a cost of $2,600.

        2011-2012 Budget Transfers.

        Appoint Portnoff Law Associates, Ltd. to collect the 2011 delinquent real estate taxes per the Addendum.

        Purchase of a DS-75 Folder Inserter Machine from Document Systems, LTD. at a cost of $10,625.00 with a $800.00 maintenance contract for years 2 through 5.

        Bills for Payment.

        Creative Writing Club with Mrs. Andrea Wasilko and Mrs. Paula Ulrich as co-advisors and at no expense to the District.

        Expulsion Hearing Waiver for Middle School student number 2011-03.

        Expulsion Hearing Waiver for High School student number 2011-04.